Film by Lena Zadel
Concept and Art Direction: Lena Zaidel
3D Animation: Alexander Popov
The animated film of Michael Gendelevīs poem was translated from Russian to Hebrew by Lena Zaidel, and from Hebrew to English by Uta Gabay and Yehoshua Yair.

My incentive for making this video was the voice that is heard in the empty spaces of the house as it roams around the rooms, leaving its impression as the words appear on the walls.
In my working on this video, I aspired to emphasize the connection between the poetic text and its visual expression and to transform the text and the image into one integral unit. The "unit" that was thus formed constitutes for me a sort of writing in the air, composed of shapes, lines, sound vibrations and content.
I also attribute great importance to the new connections (visual/cultural/political) that are formed between the videos as they are screened successively in different languages.

1. The Artistīs Wife, 2017
2. Toy Tigrer, 2017
3. Almost Paradise 2015
4. Street Wolves, 2013
5. Koalaīs Dream, 2013
6. Lena and Oded Zaidel, 2012

7. Four Wolls, 2010
8. Duo Exhibition, Gilo, Jerusalem, 2009
9. Thereīs No One..., 2012

10. All the Places are Holy II , 2007

Two Lenas Birthdays 2012-14


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