Lena Zaidel
Born in 1962 St. Petersburg, Russia (FSU)
Settled in Israel Jan. 1976
with her parents Olga and Felix Rabinovich
Married artist Oded Zaidel 1989
Daughter Neta born1992
Lives and works in Jerusalem since 1990


1988 - Continuing education at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
1987 - Graduate of the Department of Graphic Design, 
            Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem 

Courses and Programs

2000-2003 - The MOFET Institute for Educators, Tel Aviv
2000-2004 - Arcane School of Universal Spirituality, Geneva
1997-2003 - Meditation, Teacher  Training in Psychic Reading, 
                    Hechal - Jerusalem Center for Universal Spirituality 
1980-1981 - Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism, Institute of 
                    Kabbalah Research, Tel Aviv


1989 - 2001 - Founded and managed a studio for
                       visual communications
Teaching Experience (Drawing, Illustration, Basic Design)

1999 - Musrara School of Photography, Jerusalem
Since 1997 - Private lessons in drawing 
1994 - Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
1993-1995 - Ort College, Jerusalem 
1993-1994 - Hadassah College, Jerusalem
1991-2007 - Emunah College, Jerusalem 
1989-1990 - Meimad School, Tel Aviv 

Instruction (Meditation, Psychic Reading)

2007-2008 - Feng Shui Academy, "East-West" School, Tel Aviv 
2001-2009 - Feng Shui Academy, Schuster Center, Ramat Aviv


The Janco Dada Museum, 2019
The Israel Museum, Drawing and  Prints Department, 2015
Gideon Ofrat Collection, The Levin Foundation for Israeli Art, 2013
Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery, 2007



Lena Keshman, 2018
Ronen and Jasmin Siman Tov, 2017
Boris Yuhvetz, 2017
Ola Preminger, 2016
Irina and Alex Vernik, 2014
Lena and Leonid Zeiger, 2013
Peter Kriksunov,  2013
Dima Noff, 2013
Ira and Michael Grobman, 2013
Lena and Asaf Pasternak, 2012
Yosef David, 2010
Lena and Alon Goldman, 2010
Elena Gendelev-Kurilov, 2008
Mikhail Gendelev, 2008
Rutty and Yuval Weitzman, 2003
Nurit and Ofer Levy, 2003 
Yael and Zohar Moskovitch, 2003
Vered and Amir Bitan, 2003
Dafna and Zeev Goldberg, 2003

Elena Tolstoy and Michael Weisskopf, 2000
Yoram Halevy, 2000
Mikhal and Tristan Troudart, 1999
Dasha Mitina, 1999
Naama and Efraim Zaidel,1998
Neta Peleg, Haifa, 1990
Farideh and Said Golbahar, 1987

Igor Gurevich, 1984

Exhibition Curated

2021 - Neopostism? Neosent?, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem,
           Curators: Lena Zaidel, Sasha Okun
         - The Artists of Agripas 12 Gallery´s: Homage to Moshe Castel, 
           The Moshe Castel Museum of Art,
 Jerusalem, Ma´ale Adumim,

           Curators: Osnat Shapira, Lena Zaidel
         - Natasha Kuznetzova, Everyone is at Home,
           Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Curators: Lena and Oded Zaidel
2018 - The Artist´s Family (with Yossi Waxman)
           Group exhibition: Ben Simon, Yossi Waxman, Lena Zaidel,
           Oded Zaidel, 
Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2017 - Mikhael Yakhilevich, The Wanderer, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2016 - Ruth Schreiber, Beyond Rubies, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2015 - Nadia Adina Roze, The Earthy Sky-2, 
           Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem 
2014 - Oded Zaidel, The Factory Yard, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
         - Sasha Okun and Ronen Siman Tov, Shoshana and Mordechai 
           Ish-Shalom Awards, CREDO, The artist as a Private Detective, 
           Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2013 - Nadia Adina Rose, The Earthy Sky, Agripas 12 
           Gallery, Jerusalem
         - Michael Yakhilevich, An Air Siren, Agripas 12 
           Gallery, Jerusalem
2012 - Natasha Kuznetzova, For Whom the Music
           is Playing, Ha´Bait Ha´Adom Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 - Michael Yakhilevich, Bon Voyage, The Artist´s House, Jerusalem
         - Natasha Kuznetsov, A Different Reality,  
           The Artist´s House, Jerusalem
         - Four Walls, Agripas 12 Gallery,Jerusalem
2008 - Oded Zaidel, Romema-Talpiot, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2007 - New Mambers, with Oded Zaidel, The Artist´s House, Jerusalem
2005 - Oded Zaidel, Ziurnoff (Landscape Painting), 
           Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem

Spesial Projects

2016 - Pubication of Michail Gendelev´s poems on Hebrew
           "In the Gardens of Allah", Keshev Publishing
            House, Tel-Aviv
2014 - Publication of Michail Grobman´s poems on Hebrew, 
           Translated by Lena Zaidel in Literary
           Review "GAG", (N-32)
2013 - Publication of M.Grobman´s poems on 
           Hebrew "Liberty Arrives Naked", Translated by 
           Lena Zaidel, "Keshev" Publishing 
Tel Aviv
         - Publication of M.Grobman´s poems on 
           Hebrew "Liberty Arrives Naked", Translated by 
           Lena Zaidel, "Keshev" Publishing 
Tel Aviv
2012 - Animation film for M.Gendelev´s poem
2010-2021 - Produssing and montage of documentary videos
2011-2012 - Publication of M.Gendelev´s and M.Grobman´s poems 
                    in Literary Review "Ktovet 4"and "Ktovet 5"
2010-2011 - Translation of M.Grobman´s and M.Gendelev´s Poetry  
                    (from Russian to Hebrew)             
2008-2013 - Chif of Exhibition Board, The Jerusalem Artists´ House


lena Zaidel,
2011, Jerusalem, Photo: Dima Noff


2016 - Shoshana Ish-Shalom Award for Artwork  
1987 - Design Prize, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,
           Jerusalem for 
designing the Poster for
           Israel´s 39th Anniversary
1983 - Young Artists Scholarship,  
           America-Israel Cultural Foundation (Sharet Foundation)

Solo Exhibitions

2023 - Upside-Down Objects, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem,
           Curator: Oded Zaidel
2020 - Homage, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, 
           Curator: Batsheva Dori
2015 - Almost Paradise, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem,

           Curator: Oded Zaidel
2013 - Wolves of the Gospel, The Gallery Kibbutz Be´eri, 
           Curator: Ziva Yalin
         - Street Wolves, The Jerusalem Artists´ House,
           Curator: Albert Suisa
2007 - All the Places Are Holy - II, Agripas 12 Gallery,
           Jerusalem, Curator : Oded Zaidel (Catalogue)
2006 - All the Places Are Holy, Cliff (Al Ha Tzuk) Gallery,      
           Netanya, Curator : Monica Lavy (Catalogue)
2003 - Wolves, The Jerusalem Artists´ House
           Curator : Tami Bezalely - Shohat
2000 - Demeter, Antea Gallery,             
           Jerusalem, Curator : Rita Mendes-Flohr 
1999 - Painted Friends, Musrara School of Photography, 
           Jerusalem, Curator : Oded Zaidel

Duo Exhibitions (with Oded Zaidel)

2019 - I Had a Dream...Janco, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod 
           Curator: Rina Genusov 
2016 - Lena and Other Animals, Panoramas, Tova Ossman Gallery
2012 - The Monastery, The Surface, Agripas 12 Gallery,
           Curator: Yonatan Amir
         - Jrusalem Panorams, The Migdal David Gallery,
           Tel-Aviv, Curator: David Sharir 
2009 - Nina Gallery, Gilo, Jerusalem, 
           Curator: Boris Lekar

Group Exhibitions

2024 - Who's (still) Afraid of a Bad Wolf, The Artists' House Tel-Aviv                         Curator: Anat Gorel-Rorberger
         - A Valuable Papers, Arthura Gallery, Rupin Academic Center,                         Emek Hafer. Curator: Mirit Chervinski
         - Through & Beyong Paper, Agripas 12 Gallery. Curator:                                   Loti Gombosh
2023 - Tell Me More, One Thousand Shoshkes, Herzlia Museum
           of Conntemporary Art. Curators: Shua Ben Ari,
           Yuval Saar
         - Running with the Wolves - Version 2023, Re´ut Artist´s House, 
Re´ut. Curator: Tal Gelfer
2022 - My Childhood Album, Gordon College of Education, Haifa,
           Curator: Rina Genussov
- Spatial Action, Agripas 12 and Marie Galleries, Jerusalem,    
           Curator: Dr. Nava T. Barazani
         - Lena, Oded and Neta Zaidel: 
My Family and Other Animals.
           The Gallery for Israeli Art at the Tivon Memorial Center,
           Curator: Michal Shaknai Yakobi

2021 - Neopostism? Neosent?, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem,
          Curators: Lena Zaidel, Sasha Okun
         - A House on the Bridge, Museum Kaiserswerth,
           Dusseldorf, Germany
         - The Artists of Agripas 12 Gallery´s: Homage to Moshe Castel, 

           The Moshe Castel Museum of Art, Jerusalem, Ma´ale Adumim,
           Curators: Osnat Shapira, Lena Zaidel
2020 - A House in Ein Hod, Ein Hod Gallery, 
           Curator: Yossi Waxman
         - Vienna 1900, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2019 - L.H.O.O.Q., The Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod
         - "Reshumon", Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
         - Fresh Paint Art Fair 11, Agripas 12 Gallery, Tel-Aviv
         - "...A Sex Life or the Kingdom of Heaven?", Works from the
           collection of Michail Grobman, The Lobby Art Space, Tel-Aviv
           Curators: Chana Kofler, Orit Mor
         - Her Dress, Her Symbol, Antea Revisited, Agripas 12           
           Gallery, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem,
           Curators: Nomi Tannhauser, Rita Mendes Flor
2018 - Manofim Festival, The Artist´s book of Agripas 12,
           Jrusalem, Curator: Shoshy Averbuch

         - The Artist´s Family, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jrusalem
           Group exhibition: Ben Simon, Yossi Waxman, Lena Zaidel,
           Oded Zaidel
         - The Artist´s book of Agripas 12, TLV, Tel Aviv
           Curator: Shoshana Averbuch
         - Fantasy, Sadnaot Gallery, Yavne
           Curators: Lilach Abramsky-Arazi, Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar
2017 - Manofim, Salon Hacubia 2017, Jerusalem
           Curators: Ela Cohen Vansover, Dan Orimian 
         - Between Covered and Discovered, Skeeze Gallery, 
           Beyt Ot Ha-Mutzar, Jrusalem, Curators: Bitya Rosenak, 
           Gabi Yair
         - Like a Whisper, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem

           Curators: Alejandra Okret, Doron Adar
         - Naight Sailing, "Makom le Omanut" Gallery, TLV, Tel-Aviv,  
           Curator: Shosh Averbuk
         - Between sacred and profane, Skeeze Gallery, Beyt Ot Ha-
           Mutzar, Jerusalem, Curators: Bitya Rosenak, Gabi Yair
2016 - Bestiary, Skeeze Gallery, Jerusalem, Curators:      
           Marina Genkina, Marina Shelest
2015 - Ghosts and Demons, The New Gallery,
           Jerusalem, Curator: Max Epstein
         - Beuys, Beuys, Beuys, Meshuna Gallery, Tel-Aviv, 
           Curator: Liav Mizrahi
2012 - The Dark Side, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Curators: 
           Sara-Nina Meridor, Oded Zaidel
         - Mother Tonge - National Language, Beyt Yad-Le´Banim
Rishon Le´Zion, Curator: Keren Wisshouse, (Catalogue)
         - Fresh Paint-5, Contemporary Art Fair, Agripas12 Gallery, 
           Tel Aviv
         - Footstaps in the Desert, The Gallery in Kibbutz Beery 
           Gallery,(with artists of Agripas12 Gallery and artists from 
           Fhoenix, Arizona), Curator: Ziva Yalin
         - Jerusalem - Sacred and profane, Stern Gallery, 
           Curator: Debby Luzia
2011 - Fresh Paint-4, Contemporary Art Fair,
           Agripas 12 Gallery, Tel Aviv
         - The lie of the land, The Diaghilev, Tel Aviv          
           Curator: Tamar Tadmor
2010 - "Wolf,Wolf!" - Beit Kener, Rishon le Zion, Curator : Efi Gen 
         - Fresh Paint-3, Contemporary Art Fair, Agripas 12 Gallery, 
           Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv
         - Four Walls, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
           Curator: Lena Zaidel
         - Traces IV, Biennale for Drawing in Israel,
           The Jerusalem 
Artists´ House
           Chif Curator: Tamar Manor Fridman 
2009 - Heshbon Nefesh, High Touch Gallery, Herzyliya,
Dafna Naor
2008 - Antea Darom, Kaye College of Education, Be´er Sheva,
           Curators : Rita Mendes Flohr, Nomi Tannhauser
         - Manofim Project, Broken Phone, The Artists Workshops, 
         - Manofim Project, Edges ,The New Gallery, Teddy Stadium,
           Jrusalem, Curator : Yosi Davara, (Catalogue)
         - Jerusalem - Surface Fractures, The Jerusalem Artists ´House, 
           Curators : Israel Hadany, Zvi Tolkovsky, Hedva Shemesh  
2007 - The Desert Generation, The Jerusalem Artists´ House,
           The Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Orgenizers : Larry Abramson,
           David Tartakover , Saliman Mantzur, David Reeb
         - Traces - III , The Third Biennale for Drawing in Israel, 
           The Jerusalem Artists´ House, Chif Curator : Dalia Manor ,
         - The Alchemists, The New Gallery, Teddy Stadium,
           Jerusalem, Curator : Shosh Averbukh, (Catalogue) 
2006 - Ebb and Flow, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem  
2005 - Traces - II , The Second Biennale for Drawing in Israel, The 
           Jerusalem Artists´ House, Curator : Dror Burnstein,(Catalogue)
2004 - IV International Biennale of Drawing, Pilsen, Czech Republic,
         - Place for Contemporary Art, High Touch Gallery, 
           Herzyliya, Curator : Daphna Naor
2002 - New Members Exhibition, The Jerusalem Artists´ House,
           Curators : Yemima Ergas, Nomi Tannhauser
1995 - Poetic Images, The Jerusalem Artists´ House, (Catalogue)
1987 - Leviathan Group, Performance and Installation: "Messiah", Jerusalem
1985 - Leviathan Group, Performance: "Khlebnikov 100", Tel Aviv
1982 - From Symbol to Technology, Leviathan Group, The Jerusalem 
           Theatre, Curator : Michael Grobman,(Catalogue)





Measurements are given in centimeters, height width
All the reproduction photos of Lena Zaidel's artworks in this website,
are taken by Michael Amar, unless otherwise noted.

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