Text by Lena Zaidel about the sculpture Lady in Yellow, from the group exhibition Vienna 1900

Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, September 2020. Curators: Rina Peled, Max Epstein



Lena Zaidel, Lady in Yellow (Homage to M. Kurzweil) 2019, Plasticine, Cardboard, 24X29X29

Max Kurzweil, Lady in Yellow, 1899, Vienna Museum

Lady in Yellow

The work, made of plasticine, relates to the painting 'The Lady in Yellow' by Max Kurzweil (1900), turning the painting into a small three-dimensional sculpture, with tragi-comic elements. In a quick glance, the work seems light-hearted, with a whimsical and decorative air, like the little ceramic sculptures depicting idyllic scenes that adorned the salons of Europe from the 17th till the beginning of the previous century. This 'salon-like' impression is undermined when it becomes clear that the sculpture is made of plasticine - a highly unstable material - and also when the yellow wolf behind the back of the lady is discovered. The yellow wolf is also laden with symbolic allusions: Vienna's period of flourishing, at the start of the 20th century - as represented by the Lady - was short. That was the Europe from before the First World War. The wolves were breathing at the neck... I chose not to make the wolf overtly threatening, he sits comfortably on the couch, almost like a pet - that questionably guards the lady, questionably threatens her, and perhaps has already devoured her.


Vienna 1900, The opening at Agripas 12 Gallery, 16.9.2020

Vienna 1900, Blooming on 
the Edge of Abyss, 

Editors: Sharon Gordon 
and Rina Peled


  Vienna 1900, The opening at Agripas 12 Gallery, 16.9.2020




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