From the Book "Moscow - Jerusalem" by Gideon Ofrat. Levin Press, 2024 , (pp. 230-237).
The Artical: "Lena Zaidel: The Wolves Riddle", from Catalog of the Exhibition by Lena Zaidel:
"Street Wolves", 2013, The Jerusalem Artists´ House

Gideon Ofrat: "The Wolves' Riddle"

The Cover of the book: "Moscow - Jerusalem, The Origins of Russian Art in Israeli Art", by Gideon Ofrat. Levin Press, 2024.

From the Book "Moscow - Jerusalem" by Gideon Ofrat. Levin Press, 2024. (pp.230-237)


Gideon Ofrat: "The Wolves' Riddle"


Gideon Ofrat 2024

Lena Zaidel, 2023

Rina Genussov, 2022

Nava T. Barazani 2022

Michal Shaknai Yakobi 2022

Lena Zaidel, Sasha Okun 2021

House on the Bridge 2021


Lena Zaidel 2020

Barry Davis 2020

Bat-Sheva Dori 2020



Rina Genussov 2019


Yossi Waxman 2018


Shosh Averbukh 2017

Gideon Ofrat 2017

Alejandera Okret 2017

Lena Zaidel 2007-16

S. Ish-Shalom Award 2016

Oded Zaidel 2015

Gideon Ofrat 2013

Albert Suissa 2013

Karine Levit 2013

Yonatan Amir 2012

Zeev Bar-Sella 2012

Shosh Averbukh 2008

Zeev Goldberg 2007

Monica Lavi 2006

Leviathan Group

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