The Artists of Agripas 12 Gallery's: Homage to Moshe Castel, 2021, at The Moshe Castel Museum of Art

Curated: Osnat Shapira, Lena Zaidel


Invitation: The Artists of Agripas 12 Gallery's: Homage to Moshe Castel, Opening on 30.7.2021, at the Moshe Castel Museum of Art

The Artists of Agripas 12 Gallery's: Homage to Moshe Castel

The Moshe Castel homage project is a collaborative project realized with the Agripas 12 Artists' Gallery and the Moshe Castel Museum of Art. The many and varied gallery artists have produced a conversation of aesthetics which has sharpened their own introspection and so reflects the unique language of Moshe Castel. As curator of the Museum, during the development of this project, elements in Moshe Castel's works that these contemporary artists found relevant, were revealed to me. This project has also led to a greater familiarity with the gallery artists. The process has materialized a very unique project joining a heterogeneous group of artists in dialogue with a single artist, one of great importance in the historiography of the world of Israeli art from the 1920's to the 1970's.

It is therefore why the Moshe Castel Museum of Art is honored to join in hosting this lively group of local artists. We hope it contributes to a new and refreshed look at, conversation with, and research of an important and celebrated figure in Israeli art, Jewish art and as an international artist.ě

Osnat Shapira, Curator


Dr. Gideon Ofrat on the project of the artists of Agripas 12 Gallery: Homage to Moshe Castel

Contributing Artists:

Doron Adar / Max Epstein / Dina Blich / Lena Zaidel / Oded Zaidel / Gabi Yair / Mazal Carmon / Sara Nina Meridor / Ben Simon / Rina Peled / Bitya Rosenak / Ruth Schreiber

Doron Adar, Matter-Stone-Ground 1, 2019, 90x135 cm

  Max Epstein, Red Filter, Installation, 2019, 250x250 cm, (detail)

    Dina Blich, Sacrifices 1, 2019 ,140x100 cm, (detail)

Lena Zaidel, The Magic Stone 2, 2019, 106x160 cm

Oded Zaidel, Megiddo 1, 2019, 100x175 cm

Gabi Yair, Untitled, 2019, 70x100 cm
Mazal Carmon, The Shadow, 2019, 43x140 cm

Sara Nina Meridor, Untitled, 2019, 90x180 cm, (detail)

Ben Simon, Paleface, 2008, 50x25 cm, (detail)

Rina Peled
, Untitled, 2019, 26x34 cm, (detail)

Bitya Rosenak, From the series: To Know a Forest, 2015, 220x212 cm, (detail)

Ruth Schreiber
, Homage to Moshe Castel, 2019, 150x115 cm, (detail)





Neopostism? Neosent? 2021

Homage to Moshe Castel


Beyond Rubies 2016

The Artist as ... 2014

An Artist┤s Credo 2014

The Factory Yard 2014

The Earthy Sky 2013

An Air Siren 2013

Natasha from Africa 2012

Different Reality 2010

Bon Voyage 2010

Four Walls 2010

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